I Declare War … on Myself

I Declare War
The Battle With Yourself
(Thomas Nelson, 2018)

WHO: Levi Lusko, pastor of Fresh Life and the founder of Skull Church.

HE SAYS: “You are declaring war on the version of yourself that you don’t want to be.”

THE BIG IDEA: We can all be our own worst enemies at times. This book presents biblically based strategies to combat anxiety, bad behaviors and more using Scripture and proven techniques.

In Part 1, “Declare War on What You Think,” is an essential starting point in winning the battle with yourself. It breaks down negative thought processes and how, with the Word of God, you can overcome being miserable.
Part 2, “Declare War on What You Say,” examines the power of words on our thoughts and how people perceive us.
“Declare War on What You Do” is Part 3. In this section the author explains how to take back control of your actions—and your reactions. As Levi says, instead of life happening to you, you need to happen to life.
The final section is “Phantom Power,” and is about the role the power of God plays in winning the battle.

“To win the battle, we must tear down the things that have been erected where only God belongs, in the preeminent place of honor, value and glory.”

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For pastors in particular, how can your book help them get out of their own way?

Pastors are not exempt when it comes to being debilitated by bad behaviors, thoughts or words. In the 15+ years I have been in ministry, I have again and again been taken hostage by the version of myself that I don’t want to be. I Declare War will not only supply the weapons and tools needed to fight this ongoing battle but will help pastors see that when it comes to the difficulty they have managing themselves—they are not alone.

How could ministry leaders use your book to help people in their church?

I Declare War will be a huge resource for leaders because it provides clear biblical teaching and practical, actionable advice for those struggling with anxiety, depression, bullying, night terrors and the narcissism and mobile device addiction that is so rampant in our culture. I believe that this can be the key to unlocking much-needed victory in the ongoing battles many people have been incapacitated by for years. Plus, as leaders we can’t take people to places we haven’t been ourselves so in learning to lead themselves more effectively pastors and leaders will have a better time leading those under them.