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The Weight of Perfection

Whether you are healing from perfectionism, burnout, over-functioning, trauma, illness, or grief, place your hand on your heart whenever you need to. Remind yourself, “I am healing.”


What we see on earth is not God’s will. In the last couple years, the impact of sin has been significantly experienced at a worldwide level.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

The good guy is you, FYI. This is a duel to the death between your inner self and this intruder, this outlaw, who is trying to under-mine the person you want to be. Either you face your issues and come out victorious, or you run away and hide.

4 Profound Truths in ‘Amazing Grace’ We Need Today

Whatever shame or guilt you carry, however deep the regrets in your life, no matter what you have done, there is a mercy that is deeper yet. “With you there is forgiveness,” said the psalmist.

A Cure for Cynicism

Hope is a beautiful byproduct of faithful practice in the present.

Levi Lusko: Discovering Your Identity

When you understand who God is, you stop feeling the need to keep your hidden side from others.

God’s Gift of Grace

No Strings Attached

Mental Illness and the Church

Les Parrott: My Top 5 Books on Mental Health