The Desperate Need for Renewal

The church needs renewal, but we must be careful to follow the Spirit of God rather than secular renewal programs.

A Biblical Alternative to the Culture of Scarcity

Discover how to interact and create cultures that produce a deeply good work that goes beyond mere utility to touch the soul.

Religion and Government

Where does faith fit in American public policy?

God Is Online

The story of Aaron Jackson, a high-school friend of mine supported through his cancer treatments, reminds me that God is present in social media interactions.

Understanding Our Digital Babylon

Screens disciple. We must be aware of the ways the digital revolution is assimilating us to our culture.

Choosing Hope in the Midst of Despair

Stories are key to saving us from ourselves.

Working to Save Lives from Gun Violence

Excerpted From Beating Guns By Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin Champion of Life Not many people get argued into thinking differently, but experiences and stories move us, especially when we have the humility...

Michael McRay: I Am Not Your Enemy

Stories to Transform a Divided World (Herald Press)

How Now Shall We Live?

Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey