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Compassion and Justice

Why Christ Must Be Over Our National Identity

God shows no favoritism to the rich, powerful and well-connected.

Cara Meredith: The Color of Life

A Journey toward Love and Racial Justice

Challenging My Assumptions of ‘Normal’

I thought I was above systemic racism, but in my assumptions about "normal" I discovered I was complicit.

Adam Gustine: Becoming a Just Church

Cultivating Communities of God's Shalom

A Prescription for Changing Unjust Policies

Changing the policies that sustain systemic injustice seems daunting, but here are ways to start.

Jemar Tisby: The Color of Compromise

The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism

How Do We Remain Faithful in a World of Barriers?

When sin creates barriers between cultures and ethnicities how do we respond?

How the Church Can Lead Efforts in Reconciliation and Justice

Eric Mason: An Urgent Call for Christians in America to Confront Racism and Injustice

Practicing Hospitality Is a Key to Understanding

Hospitality is the key to developing an appreciation for and celebrating members of all ethnicities as bearers of the image of God.