What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity
(Bethany House, 2017)

WHO: Jeremiah J. Johnston, a speaker, author and professor of early Christianity at Houston Baptist University.

HE SAYS: “Without Christians, Christian ethics and a Christian worldview, how much longer would freedom, liberty and morality last?”

THE BIG IDEA: What would the world be like had Christianity not emerged, and what will happen if Christianity collapses?

Part 1 looks at what life was like before Jesus lived among us—showing how it was a world of suffering, fear, inequality and bondage.
Part 2, like the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life, offers a unique perspective on what life would be like without Jesus’ influence.
Part 3 concludes by showing how Christianity has blessed the world.

“Only in viewing God rightly can we view self correctly and learn to love rather than hate those around us, who are also beloved by a heavenly Father.”

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