3 Benefits of Your Church Having an App

Your church needs an app—no excuses.

Are you a small church with an even smaller budget? With the right church app platform, apps can be extremely affordable to build and manage. 

Are most of your members ages 65+? According to Pew Research, 61% of people over 65 use a smartphone.

All you need to know is that a church app may just be the game-changing tool you never knew you needed. Here are three reasons why every church can benefit from a mobile application.

It Can Increase Engagement and Participation on the Go. 

Small group studies, conferences, prayer meetings, and volunteer ministries often get missed or overlooked, even when they’re promoted on your website or newsletter. A church app makes it easier and more accessible to learn about events and opportunities. With an app, you can:

  • Keep church members informed about upcoming events with an in-app event calendar.
  • Provide an easy way to register for events with digital sign-up forms. 
  • Spread the word about events with in-app messaging.

Finally, a church app can help generate more excitement and enthusiasm for services, ministries, and meetings. Most apps offer the ability to change up your homepage to reflect what’s coming up. This is a great opportunity for promotion—users simply open up the app with one tap, and immediately see what’s new at your church. 

It Can Build Community. 

“Community” can feel elusive, even at church. People are busier and more distracted than ever, making it difficult to build relationships and ties that form the backbone of any healthy church. But that’s not to say they don’t need community. Despite being extremely occupied, nearly 1 in 4 adults say they are lonely. Community is still the goal, but how do we get there?

An app can help you build community at your church in the following ways:

  • Give small group members a chance to connect throughout the week with group messaging, making in-person interaction richer. 
  • Show visitors and new church members who you are with a custom social newsfeed, encouraging participation. 
  • Help church members feel connected anytime, anywhere with continuous, on-the-go accessibility.

Nothing replaces in-person interaction, especially when it comes to building community. Still, a church app can be a potent tool for encouraging offline friendships during the busy workweek. 

 It Can Edify and Educate.

Whether you like it or not, people are going to use their mobile phones to learn about Jesus. The Bible App, Blue Letter Bible, and even plain old YouTube have become major channels for preaching the gospel—and your church app doesn’thave to be an exception. 

Here’s how an app can help edify and educate your congregation:

  • Help your church members catch up on the latest sermon during their morning commute, lunch break, or workout with an in-app media player. 
  • Keep church members engaged during sermons with interactive sermon notes. 
  • Encourage users to share prayer requests and read the Bible right within your app with a prayer wall and in-app Bible. 

A mobile app can be a great way to help people grow in their walk with Jesus, especially younger generations.