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U.S. Hispanic Protestant Landscape Full of Growing, Vibrant Churches

As new members join Hispanic Protestant churches, they become part of congregations that are actively trying to grow together, according to their pastors. Almost 9 in 10 (88%) say their church has a plan to foster community in their church, including 53% who strongly agree.

Americans Believe Religious Liberty Is Declining, More Believe Christians Face Intolerance

Most Americans say religious liberty is declining in the country, and more believe Christians are facing increased intolerance.

Research: Most Americans Know and Trust Their Neighbors

Despite quarantines and social distancing, Americans still say they know their neighbors.

4 Hidden Struggles Most Pastors Face

An Honest Conversation About What Many in the Clergy Deal With

Research: Americans Most Want to Avoid Fear and Anxiety

An Opportunity to Share the Hope of Christ

Research: Majority of Pastors Feel Supported by Other Local Pastors

Digging in to Pastors’ Relationships With One Another

Encouraging Signs for the Post-Pandemic Church

A glimpse of people’s church experience during COVID and their intentions for church participation post-COVID

Research: Church Closings and the Need for More New Churches

In 2019 church closings outpaced church openings.