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Become a No-Turning-Back Leader

Change is creating a new story. Change is challenging how things have always been done within the power structure established over time within the inner workings of the church.

Don’t Jump Ship Too Quickly

So, pastor, you found the going to be tough, some of the leaders resistant, and a few members to be criminal in their behavior? You grew tired of fighting them and fed up with the way they treated you?

The Pastor and Enduring

So how do you know if you’re running well—or even running in the right direction? The answer to that may look different depending on how far along you are in your pastoral course.

Finding the Strength to Stay

In today’s current ministry climate, the stress can feel as if it is ushering us out the church door. You may be familiar with the feeling—a hidden place where walking away feels not just like an option but the preferred option.

Panning for God

God did not call you to go into the accessible places where gold would be found, but the hard places where ministry must drill down into the community to find a solid foundation to build the church.

The Key to Our Resilience in Ministry and Life

Lessons in Staying Rooted in God’s Love

4 Things to Remember in the Ministry Trenches

Ministry can be hard, but here are some encouragements in the midst of the battle.

7 Keys for Persevering in Ministry

Hebrews 12:1–3 provides both stunning reasons to keep running our race and some ways to do that.