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Insights and Best Practices from Healthy Churches

Highlights from churches who participated in The Unstuck Group’s Vital Signs Assessment

The Attitudes That Make Jesus Mad

We'd do well to pay attention to the things that made Jesus angry.

Tim Harlow: ‘Focus on the Lost Sheep’

“Christians are not always the easiest people to lead, or even be around.”

Outreach 100 Consortium: What I’m Learning

Outreach 100 pastors share their thoughts on church growth, discipleship, outreach and faithful ministry.

3 Keys to Engaging a Post-Church Culture

Lessons from this year's Outreach magazine/LifeWay Research survey of large, fast-growing churches.

Experience Speaks: Tim Harlow

Tim Harlow: "I have a 31-year marriage and grown kids who love and serve Jesus. That’s always been the priority."

Tim Harlow: Beyond "Nickels and Noses"

“We measure the same as anyone: nickels and noses. But everyone is trying to figure out how to measure the deeper discipleship issues.”