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Samuel Rodriguez: From Survive to Thrive

Live a Holy, Healed, Healthy, Happy, Humble, Hungry, and Honoring Life (Charisma House)

The Blessing of Quarantine

God is using our time behind closed doors.

A Reset Moment for the Church

Our churches are being compelled to go back to our roots.

Samuel Rodriguez: You Are Next

Destroy What Has Paralyzed You, and Never Miss Your Moment Again

What’s Holding You Back?

We all have things in the past we're stuck on, but by God's power you can move forward.

Samuel Rodriguez: The Message and the March

“How can we be happy that we have a sanctuary that seats 5,000, when 10 minutes away there are people in poverty?”

Samuel Rodriguez: The Latino Challenge

“Any outreach to the Hispanic community must be intentional and institutionalized. It can’t be tokenistic.”