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How to Have Conversations About Diversity As a White Male

I’m a white male who teaches at a prestigious college. There’s much to unpack in that sentence, but it’s certainly a position of cultural power. As...

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Romans 16 highlights the unity in diversity of the early church.

Healthy Cross-Cultural Ministry Relationships

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7 Guiding Principles for Advancing Peace

Help a divided world meet in the middle

A Beautiful Partnership—A Multicultural Church Merger

Las Americas couldn’t afford to buy the facility and First Baptist couldn’t afford to keep it, but it didn’t take long to see a merger was in order.

Demonstrating Redemptive Kingdom Diversity

A conversation with Jarvis J. Williams

How to Disciple Families in a Multiethnic Lifestyle

Children learn about multiethnic relationships from their parents. Here are ways to model healthy relationships.

How to Champion a Multiethnic Church

Seeking to build a multiethnic church in one of the most racially divided cities in the world