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Unity in Diversity Through Prayer

Jesus knew that the secret to real unity was prayer.

How the Bible Talks about Race and Ethnicity

Excerpted from 'How to Fight Racism' (Zondervan).

4 Ways to Combat Segregation in the Church

"This movement to open up the church to diversity is the visual expression of what happens when God heals our land."

Pursuing Diversity: The Math of the Kingdom

"You can't have a diverse church until you live a diverse life. Diversity in our churches is preceded by diversity in our living rooms."

An Unexpected Phone Call Helps Church Cross Cultural Barriers

Cross-cultural ministry is quite common at Reformation Faith Ministries in Kokomo.

Multiethnic Church: Why Diversity Requires Maturity

“If unity and diversity are perfected in the eternal church, we should be ever pursuing its perfection in the local church, as well.”

A Church of Diverse Cultures

New Covenant Fellowship in Austin, Texas, boasts racial, educational and economical diversity.

Collaborating for Diversity: Pastor Network Builds on Multiethnic Ministries

“By working and worshipping together as one, these pastors hope to represent Christ as a peacemaking force in their city.”