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Outreach Resources of the Year: Missional and Cross-Cultural

Wright explains the breadth of God’s mission to the world using the whole Bible, and holistically challenges the Lord’s global people to make his story our story by our participation in the seven-act drama of Scripture.

Building a Mission Mindset into Your Church

Over 80 years ago, a missionary would travel to Jamaica’s island nation and began to share his faith with those he encountered. As he...

This Year’s Best Cross-Cultural and Missional Books

Evaluated by Robert Gallagher, director and professor of intercultural studies at Wheaton College Graduate School.

Edward Smither: Christian Mission

A Concise Global History (Lexham Press)

Missional Economics

Michael Barram: Biblical Justice and Christian Formation

The Change We Want to See

"Principled, ethical, incarnational life will reside somewhere between a riot and a cup of tea—that is, between separation and compromise."

To Alter Your World

Partnering with God to Rebirth Our Communities

Incarnational Ministry: The Power of Being Human

Hugh Halter: "Being human may be how we are all born, but staying human is not natural—it’s supernatural."