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Why Jesus Is Key to Kingdom Thinking and Church Planting

The life of Jesus is the key to our missional mindset and discipleship practices as a church.

Develop a Mindset of Service

The missional leader understands it takes all (children, youth, and adults) to develop a mission mindset. Transformation does not happen overnight but will occur once everyone across all demographics strives to live out their daily missional tasks.

The Intersection of Worship and Mission

Sadly, for too many Christians, “worship” and “mission” represent a paradox, but our mission is directly connected to our worship. Mission is not just doing something for God but begins and ends with rich and joyful worship of God.

6 Essentials of Leadership Resilience

What you need to know to lead through chaotic times

Overcome Discouragement, Embrace Adventure

We grow homesick on mission in a post-Christian world, but there is encouragement for those who embrace the adventure.

Why You Should Wait to Share Your Idea

When the heavens open and your big idea, project or mission becomes clear, take some time.

The Real Meaning of the Most Viral Verse

Joshua 1:9 is the most viral verse and a universal call to be strong and courageous. Or is it?

Hugh Halter: The Power of Incarnational Ministry

"Jesus was a man of the people because he would rather bring healing to the sick than go to church on Sunday."