Winfield Bevins

Winfield Bevins serves as the director of church planting at Asbury Seminary and as canon for church planting for the Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas, director of re-missioning for Fresh Expressions US, and director of the New Room Regional Network.

The Intersection of Worship and Mission

The liturgy binds us together on the journey of faith. The words, prayers and reading of Scripture leave an imprint on our souls; these practices shape us into people of God, forming us for his mission.

The Intersection of Worship and Mission

Sadly, for too many Christians, “worship” and “mission” represent a paradox, but our mission is directly connected to our worship. Mission is not just doing something for God but begins and ends with rich and joyful worship of God.

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The attention that justice has received in recent years is not a trend, but it can be traced to the pages of the Bible. Justice is grounded in the love of a triune God who time and time again shows his love and compassion for the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised.

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