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8 Insights About Marriage and Ministry

Ed Stetzer: "Allow me to share a few things that Donna and I have seen after almost 30 years of a ministry marriage."

Les and Leslie Parrott: Saving Marriage—Part 1

“For every percentage point that the divorce rate drops the lives of more than a million children are positively impacted.”

Les and Leslie Parrott: Saving Marriage—Part 2

“We often say that awareness is curative. You just shed light and pull back the veil and bring awareness to an issue. That so often opens a window of grace for a couple.”

The Mingling of Souls and the Meaning of Love

Matt Chandler: "We’re people who say, 'No, I won’t bail. I’ve given myself for better or for worse to this person.'"

Become an Adoption-Friendly Church

Don't miss these five tips.

5 Marriage Landmines to Avoid When Change Comes

William Vanderbloemen: "Avoid these five landmines, and your pastoral transition is guaranteed to go as smoothly as possible."

Saving Marriage – Look Inside the Jan/Feb 2016 Issue

Evangelism: Influence and Invitation, plus How to Plant a Multiplying Church, Pathways to Discipleship, an Optimistic Call to Justice and Evangelism, The Hillsong Experience and the Outreach interview with J.D. Greear