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3 Reasons Small Churches Should Give to Missions

"In the same way God blesses people who give faithfully, God blesses churches that do the same."

4 Small-Church Strategies to Maximize Your Community Impact

"We need to quit thinking that we have less to offer because we don’t have as many people or dollars as we would like to have."

3 Principles for Launching a Volunteer Leadership Pipeline

"Here are three principles and accompanying questions for getting started with volunteer leaders."

Surviving Bivocational Ministry: 3 Essentials

"As bivocational leaders, we have to function at a high level for a long time."

High Risk, High Reward: Madison Church

"This isn’t what I thought planting a church would be like, but I’m much better off because of it."

Celebrate Generosity: Madison Church

"Our ability to raise funds has been an essential part of our church’s ministry and mission."

Working Toward a Spiritual Revival: Madison Church

"It became apparent that the most missional thing we could do in Madison was start a community-centric church."

When God Comes Through: Madison Church

"God showed us again that if we’re authentically seeking him in the things we do, then he’ll give us what we need."