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Louie Giglio: Not Forsaken

Finding Freedom as Sons and Daughters of a Perfect Father

A Different Kind of Father

No matter what your experience with your earthly father was like, God invites you into a love and relationship that is deeper.

Louie Giglio: Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

"Leading yourself requires humility, and humility comes from being with Jesus."

Louie Giglio: Slaying Your Spiritual Giants

"You and I can never bring down giants through our own efforts. It is, and always will be, Jesus who brings freedom."

Louie Giglio: It’s Time to Wake up to the Power of the Gospel

"The gospel isn’t simply a message of how bad people become good; it’s the power by which dead people come to life."

Louie Giglio: Passion for a Generation—Part 1

“God is saying, ‘This isn’t going to be a story of your adequacy. This is going to be a story of my sufficiency.’"

Louie Giglio: Passion for a Generation—Part 2

“In time present necessity becomes future vacancy. We have to invest in people who can’t invest in us.”

Louie Giglio: Church Splits, Passion, and God's Presence

The founder of the Passion movement and lead pastor of Passion City Church discusses leadership, the global church and more.