Louie Giglio: Not Forsaken

Finding Freedom as Sons and Daughters of a Perfect Father

Not Forsaken
(B&H, 2019)

WHO: Louie Giglio, author and founder of the Passion movement.

HE SAYS: “No matter how defiantly we may try to dismiss the craving that’s in our hearts for a father’s blessing, we still need it. Deep down we all simply must have it. We all are incomplete without it.”

THE BIG IDEA: Giglio shows readers how to move past personal history with their fathers and embrace the only perfect Father.

The book begins with a discussion of our basic need for our father’s approval, then explains that God is the perfect father. The author interweaves personal stories with Scripture to show how our view of God is limited, how wonderful he is and how we can have a loving relationship with him.

“Ignoring our wounds isn’t going to help them heal. Acting like we’re ‘fine,’ or setting out to prove that we don’t care about what our father did to us, is not realistic, and will only keep us stuck in the past.”

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