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How to Develop a Healthy Multicultural Team

The four phases multicultural teams go through

Learning to Listen Well

The keys to getting better at hearing people with humility, love and hope.

Reaching People All Over the World Through the Web

How digital platforms and social media are playing an increasing role in spreading the gospel.

3 Things Needed for Vibrant Post-COVID Global Missions

We desperately need each other in order for the hope of the nations to go to the nations.

The Korean Church’s Heart for Japan

Onnuri Community Church in Seoul conducts outreach events in Japan that bridge deep cultural divides and heal wounds with the truth of the gospel.

Beyond Equality: Restoring Dignity to Abused Women

The language of equality has certain limitations that the doctrine of the Imago Dei can address.

Reaching a World of Fake News and Fake Gospels

Our propensity for fake news reflects our propensity for fake forms of the gospel.

How to Be Effective in Urban Ministry

Five principles that contribute to fruitfulness in urban settings