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Want to Grow the Church? Understand Your Cultural Soil

In order to effectively plant and spread the gospel in today's communities, we must understand and cultivate the cultural soil around us.

New Life From Every Disciple

The exponential power of a decentralized church movement

Lance Ford, Rob Wegner & Alan Hirsch: The Starfish and the Spirit

Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Churches and Organizations (Zondervan)

Develop a Living System Mindset at Your Church

Excerpted from 'The Starfish and the Spirit' (Zondervan)

The Good Neighbor: Moving Beyond the ‘Christian’ Stereotypes

“The gospel is not only good news in and of itself, it is good news because it creates a new people that are good news.”

Loving Your Literal Neighbor as Yourself

"It is natural for us to share what we have and know with friends. But Jesus takes it to an entirely different level."

Reclaiming What It Means to Be “Good News” People

"What do we need to do to get the good news back into the gospel people?"