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6 Steps to Powerful Preaching

Likewise, effective preachers don’t just ask, “How can I explain this?” They also ask, “How can I picture it?”  What story, metaphor, or image will build a picture in listeners’ minds?

Brian Hull and Patrick Mays: Youth Ministry as Mission

“We believe that good youth leaders—youth leaders who care—learn about the culture of the people they care about. This is mission work.”

The Frontlines of Youth Ministry

We would like to introduce youth ministry and missiology to each other.

The Pinched Associate Pastor

The relationship with key volunteers, as we will see, turned out to be just as challenging and formative to the associate pastor’s role as that of the senior pastor.

Michael Mauriello: Associate Pastors

“There is more to the associate’s role than the relationship to the senior pastor.”

Jesse Nelson: Preaching Life-Changing Sermons

Jesse Nelson talks about life-changing sermons.

Mental Illness and the Church

Les Parrott: My Top 5 Books on Mental Health

Outreach Resources of the Year: Missions and Cross-Cultural

Evaluated by Robert Gallagher