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From a Grave to a Garden

There is more healing in Jesus than there is sickness in us.

J.D. Greear

In the gospel, God offers a different kind of change—not a correction of behavior but a transformation of the heart.

Jesus’ Scandalous Grace

The shocking, amazing truth that God loves sinners

Are We Conforming to Christ or Culture?

We must always ask ourselves where Babylon today is asking us to conform.

What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

Deep down, I think we live with the fear of being on our own, without someone to love and care for us, exposed to everything life throws at us. But every Christian has a heavenly Father who will never leave them. The Spirit makes us aware of that truth, reminds us of it, and helps us feel it.

Why Evil Is a Problem for Atheists Too

Something must explain the pervasive wickedness of the human race and what we can do about it.

Are We Building God’s Kingdom or Our Own?

The first and best of what you are has to be laid in surrender at Jesus’ feet. Only then will it bring life to the world.

Why You Don’t Need a Bible Degree to Share Your Faith

When you've experienced the power of Christ, you can't stay silent.