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The Better Bread

Picture a flock of sheep in a green pasture. What do they normally do there? They eat. When a sheep lies down in a green pasture it can only mean one thing: he’s full. In fact, he’s so full that he has no more desire to eat and lies down.

3 Faiths From the Story of Job

What do you fear most? What would be the worst thing to happen to you? Imagine whatever you fear most coming to pass. Like Job, you might be forced to develop another kind of faith—the faith of desperation.

How to Wait on the Goodness of God

How Psalm 23 teaches us to wait

4 Ways God’s Spirit Leads His People

We don't always have the full picture, but discerning how God is leading you is not unclear.

Why College Grads and Retirees Make Great Church Planters

We tell them, “Give us two years, and we’ll change the world.”

The Power of Unity in a Divided Society

Romans 16 highlights the unity in diversity of the early church.

How You Can Use Your Job Skills to Help the Poor

You already have the job skills you need to make a huge impact on alleviate global poverty.

Why We Can’t Edit Our Faith

We Must Have Courage When the Pressure to Conform Rises