Curt Seaburg: Embracing Our Online Campus


No one would argue with the assertion that this has been a year of unprecedented challenge for the church. Outreach magazine wanted to learn directly from leaders on the front lines about how their churches have been innovating, meeting people’s needs and serving as a force for healing.

Here, Curt Seaburg, lead pastor of Victory Church (Fastest-Growing 60) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, relates his thoughts on the global pandemic, the recent and ongoing racial tensions and how leading the church is changing.

We have officially called our online campus one of our campuses that we will spend time, money and focus on. This became the lifeline for us. Up to this point, using videoconferencing was a rarity. Now, we are embracing it at a whole new level.

When the racial tensions began, we did many things. Lots of listening. Addressing the racism issue from the pulpit. Many conversations with my Black friends. And just today, we sat down with all of our campus pastors and discussed ways to keep the conversation going.

I have blind spots. There is no way I can know it all. I need people around me who can point those blind spots out for me.

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Lora Schrock
Lora Schrock

Lora Schrock is editor of Outreach magazine.