Aaron Burke: ‘Jesus Is Still Wildly Popular’

We asked pastors of some of the nation’s largest churches to share their thoughts on church growth, discipleship, outreach and faithful ministry.

Aaron Burke, Lead Pastor
Radiant Church
Tampa, Florida

We have been intentional about creating an invite culture where people are comfortable and expected to bring their friends to church. While every week is a good Sunday to attend Radiant, we do put three “big Sundays” on the calendar to really encourage people to reach their lost friends.

I went on a 21-day total juice fast last January, and it was during that season of prayer that I came up with the idea to rent out the local convention center for Easter. We had over 6,500 attend and hundreds gave their life to Christ.

Public promotion is the result of private perseverance. Every battle I have won physically was the result of private victories that no one else saw.

Be patient. Great things do not happen in a day. They happen daily. It’s consistency that makes us most like Christ. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. When we stay consistent, we eventually will win.

Jesus is still wildly popular in our culture. The church has had its struggles, but if you keep the focus on Jesus, you will win. Radiant Church has been intentional to keep our focus on Christ instead of on the drama of the news, politics and pop culture. Jesus is still the answer to whatever people are going through.

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Twitter: @aaronrburke
Website: WeAreRadiant.com
Founded: 2013
Denomination: Assemblies of God
Locations: 3
Attendance: 2,978
Fastest-Growing: 4

Lora Schrock
Lora Schrock

Lora Schrock is editor of Outreach magazine.