Charles Lee: The Stewardship of an Idea

What if you viewed your ideas as a trust?

Good ideas have a unique ability to stick around in our minds way beyond our initial excitement for them. They often come back around in unexpected moments and environments that trigger our soul again. Good ideas don’t just go away. Ideas will either cause us to do something with them or haunt us for our lack of implementation.

As people who believe that God could and often does inspire us with good ideas that serve his purpose for our world, idea implementation should be viewed as stewardship. It is not enough to have good or “God-inspired” ideas. Ideas, even the ones from God, are impotent without action. Many organizations spend a significant amount of time and resources toward inspiring people with big ideas. Could it be that God is more concerned with the implementation of ideas than his own inspiration of them?

Spend a few minutes reviewing your ideas through the filter of stewardship. How does this perspective change the way you see and engage your ideas?

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