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4 Profound Truths in ‘Amazing Grace’ We Need Today

Whatever shame or guilt you carry, however deep the regrets in your life, no matter what you have done, there is a mercy that is deeper yet. “With you there is forgiveness,” said the psalmist.

Jesus’ Words to Seven Churches

Excerpted From 'Big Trouble Ahead' by Allen Jackson

Hope of Nations

John S. Dickerson: Standing Strong in a Post-Truth, Post Christian World

Ambassadors in a Post-Christian Era

We must shift our thinking from waging a culture war to diplomacy, speaking to our post-Christian neighbors with grace.

Face-to-Face With the God of Secularism

In our culture ruled by secularism, we must necessarily rethink the way we engage as effective followers of Christ.

Faith Among the Faithless

Mike Cosper: Learning from Esther How to Live in a World Gone Mad