The Greatest Tragedy in the Church Today

Thom Rainer: "When evangelism dies as a priority in the church, the church has already begun to die."

Why the Church Can’t Replace the Family

Connecting Church and Home: How to create a grace-based partnership between the church and family.

How to Leave Your Church Without Hurting It

"A few lessons that may help make your last Sunday be a happy ending rather than a hurtful one."

Dan Kimball: A Church of Many Pastors

"'Pastor' is a metaphor for someone who spiritually cares for people. I want to be a leader who makes sure pastoring happens."

6 Attitudes That Kill Evangelism

"I have seen churches make dramatic turnarounds when just one person decided to be obedient to the Great Commission."

Top 10 Church-Finance Mistakes

"We must embrace the truth that the functions of a local church do not operate for free."

Rick Warren: Balance Is the Key to Church Health

"A far better focal point than church growth is church health. Big isn’t better. Small isn’t better. Healthy is better."

Rejoice in the Church God Has Given You

Comparing your church to other churches simply for the sake of comparison only breeds jealousy and ingratitude.

4 Things That Shouldn’t Drive Church Growth (and One Thing That Should)

There is one primary thing that should be driving church growth. Here are four things that shouldn't be.

An Unexpected but Biblical Truth About Christian Giving

"It’s just like the lost who, upon receiving such a great salvation, tend to overflow with joy and generosity."