Am I My City’s Keeper?

“The world is confused when they see a church that claims to follow Jesus but is not actually doing much of what Jesus did.”

How One Church Does It: Tailor-Made Connections at The Church on the Way

Lead Pastor of Pastoral Care Cecelia Freeman says knowing and providing for the specific unique cultures and needs of individuals creates a nurturing environment.

10 Rights a Godly Leader Must Give Up

"Jesus demonstrated this on the cross. Redemption was ever so costly—and so is kingdom-oriented leadership."

‘We’re Not Growing. Why?’

Brad Powell: "Everybody likes the idea of reaching new people, but not everybody likes the reality of it."

3 Reasons for Church Membership

Ed Stetzer: "Membership is often misunderstood, misapplied or not applied at all."

7 Indicators of Church Health

"Church growth is a 'basic instinct' for church leaders. However, church growth without church health is asking for trouble."

10 Small-Church Strategies in a Big-Church World

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The Beauty of an Imperfect Church

Every church has it's flaws and things that could be better. Instead of leaving for greener pastures, dig in and invest in making things better.

God’s Glory and Grandma’s Traditions

Steven Furtick: What you hold up as a tool for transformation today can easily become an idol of tradition tomorrow.

The Divided State of the U.S. Is a Big Opportunity for the Church

“By building healthy, diverse churches, we can collectively get beyond rhetoric and into results for the glory of God.”