Leadership Pitfalls: Crashing on Autopilot

Brad Powell: "The difference between a good and great leader lies in how they leverage their time."

Investing Outward

Brad Powell: "Leading a church out of a rut demands belief that the church's future begins now."

Real World Innovation: It’s a Lot Like Sausage

Larry Osborne: Five Common Mistakes and a Better Way—Is not About Risk-Taking, It's About Obedience.

The Revolutionary Mission

Brad Powell: “A world that is going through revolutionary changes can’t be reached … by a church where everything remains the same.”

The Generosity Factor: Why Growing Churches Feel Compelled to Reach Out

“To achieve our mission of reaching the world, we need to partner with and help equip other churches.”

Why We Need to Stop Criticizing Large Churches

"I think it’s time to kill the myth that if you’re preaching a real gospel message with integrity, nobody will show up."

7 Business Principles That Lead to a Flourishing Church

"My background was business, so I took those principles that I knew and applied them to building the new church."

Eugene Peterson on Death, Megachurches, Same-Sex Marriage and More

The author of "The Message" Bible shares his views on a number of significant issues in a three-part interview.

20 Relics of Churches Past

"The question I asked was basic: 'What did you have or do in your church 10 years ago that you don’t have or do today?'"

Are You on Track if You Lead a Church of Fewer Than 100 People?

"We need to acknowledge the reality that church planting is a long, hard slog. And it is a lot harder than it used to be."