Are We Online Atheists?

Maybe it’s not as much about the technology but more about how we’re using it.

Evangelism, Naturally

"For Kevin Harney, outreach without evangelism is 'giving a cup of cold water, but not giving it in Jesus' name.'"

Church Planting Is on the Rise

National study from LifeWay and provides a comprehensive report on church planting in the U.S.

The Problem With Gimmicks

Phil Cooke: "Gimmicks may get attention, but truly original ideas change the world."

Teens Spend 9 Hours a Day Doing What?

Common Sense Media: Report measures the pervasiveness of entertainment media in the lives of U.S. youth.

3 Urgent Times to Confront Sin in Your Church

Confronting sin isn't fun, but the health of your church depends on it.

14 Ways to Lead When You’re Not on Top

"Most influence within organizations comes from the middle, not from the top."

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Aids South Carolina Flood Victims

Volunteers from 15 states rally together for restoration efforts after Hurricane Joaquin.

Evangelism: When Life Happens

Hugh Halter: "If we don’t know somebody’s story we’re not going to know how to embed the gospel in a way that will make sense."

8 Essentials of Leadership—It Starts With You

"Who you are becoming as a leader is more important than what you are doing."