Alex Murashko

Alex Murashko is a journalist and writing team leader for Think Eternity, a site for powerful faith content to help you live the fulfilled life in Jesus.

Why You Should Preach the Gospel to Yourself Every Day

The gospel is not something that happened; it is happening. We are only beginning to see its beauty.

5 Scriptures to Give You Hope This Year

The cure for 2024? The good news: Jesus Christ.

A Spiritual Awakening Outside the Church Walls

We need the things of the Spirit to engage in culture and if we're called into politics, or into business or into education systems, be salt and light to the world.

When You Still Feel Condemned

Feelings of condemnation disappear – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. In His timing, you will be able to set aside what others may think of you or act towards you. God loves you no matter what!

Victory — Even When Life Is Too Much

“God was speaking to me,” Eckles said. “I was seeking to be able to see again, to be normal again. But He was saying to seek me first. I was dying inside."

Young People Experiencing Revival After 4,000 Baptized at California Beach

“This is the year of the Jesus Revolution for your generation,” said youth pastor R.J. McCauley.

A TikTok Revival: How 3,000 People Accepted Christ

“I’m seeing a real longing and a better conception of what repentance means,” he told Think Eternity. “What I'm seeing when I say revival is not superficial. You know, it's like real repentance and people really turning to Jesus.”

Nicky Cruz: A Love That Makes No Sense

Before surrendering his life to Jesus Christ, Cruz admits he was destined for “prison, the electric chair, and hell.”