2 Ways to Fuel Your Youth Ministry

"What fuels your youth ministry? What fuels you? What are the things that give you strength and power?"

Rick Warren: Balance Is the Key to Church Health

"A far better focal point than church growth is church health. Big isn’t better. Small isn’t better. Healthy is better."

Once More, With Feeling: Leadership and Emotion

“What if maturity did not mean subduing the ‘feeling’ part of us, but bringing it into balance with the rest of our person?”

Megachurch World: A Church With 50,000 Seats?

While some headline-making megachurch facilities grow bigger, the average auditorium size is actually getting smaller.

The Greatest Measure of Your Church’s Health: Giving

"When people in your church stop giving, it is seldom, if ever, about the money."

5 Insights About the Unchurched That Might Surprise You

"These data confirm that there has never been a more opportune time to connect with the lost and unchurched."

Is Your Church Stuck? Maybe It’s Time to Rock the Boat

Tony Morgan: When churches become inward focused, they start to die.

10 Characteristics of a Narcissistic Church

"Just as we're often blind to our own selfish tendencies, we often fail to notice when narcissism is present in our churches."

Deep and Wide: How Your Church Can Pursue Both

Depth without width and width without depth — you can't have one without the other and make strong disciples.

3 Reasons People Are Not Involved in Your Church

Ed Stetzer: “Not everyone is inactive for the same reasons. Once we know why, we can go about helping them move into service.”