The Problem With Gimmicks

Phil Cooke: "Gimmicks may get attention, but truly original ideas change the world."

Revived: How Stagnant or Declining Churches Found New Life

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Beyond Groundhog Day

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Is It About Marketing? Or Reputation?

Thomas G. Bandy: "If you want to reach postmodern seekers, you have to think about reputation rather than marketing."

3 Symptoms of a Dying Church

"When it comes to the church, the disease is called 'tradition.' And when a disease goes unchecked, it can become deadly."

Raising up Female Leaders in Ministry

Ed Stetzer: "Don’t forget the emerging female leaders around you—find them, encourage them, raise them up."

How to Transform a Church From Homogeneous to Multiethnic

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6 Secrets of Churches That Went From Death to Life

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The Worship Swing-Vote Principle: Maximizing Engagement

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14 Things Every Pastor Wishes His Worship Leader Knew

"As a worship leader, you should be leading people to worship with you, not merely in the same room as you."