Designing Space for Mission

"We are called to dig postmodern wells where the Samaritan woman of today can get a drink and have a conversation."

How to Start a Women’s Ministry – Philosophy First

"If you have ideas of how church can be, you can make them happen. Doors are wide open, obstacles are few."

Dave Gibbons: What's Next for the Church?

Dave Gibbons: “This is the generation in which the beauty of God will be unleashed through this new wave of visionaries and dreamers.”

6 Ways to Build Your Volunteer Team

Six actions to help you connect more volunteers to your team and train them to become leaders in your church.

4 Ways to Break the Attendance Barrier

Ed Stetzer: "There are four shifts that must take place to ensure continued growth past the traditional attendance barriers."

7 Ways to Fix a Toxic Church Culture

"Until the leader steps up and takes responsibility for a toxic church culture, the church will remain in trouble."

A Disturbing Trend in the Church—And How You Can Help Reverse It

"The local church will remain incomplete, lacking vital ministries and gifts, until those missing parts of the body come back home."

The Secret to Generating Momentum in Your Church

"Everybody loves to win. Everybody loves when your team scores to take the lead. That is why we love momentum."

5 Questions for Pastors Preaching in the Middle of a Cultural Crisis

"Does every significant cultural moment require us to abandon the preplanned message in favor of a 'hot topic' message?"

Rejoice in the Church God Has Given You

Comparing your church to other churches simply for the sake of comparison only breeds jealousy and ingratitude.