Decency for President

Max Lucado: "We stand against bullying in schools. Shouldn’t we do the same in presidential politics?"

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"Hold people and the church lightly. Neither belong to us; all belong to God."

3 Weaknesses That Hurt Your Leadership Effectiveness

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4 Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize

Ed Stetzer: "God is calling us to help people move from an attractional mentality to an incarnational one."

Is It Possible to Manipulate People Into the Kingdom?

"Nowhere in Scripture are we commanded to 'get people to pray the sinner’s prayer.' We were told to make disciples."

9 Practical Ways to Increase Giving In Your Church

"Never make tithing about expenses. Make it about vision."

Rick Warren: Balance Is the Key to Church Health

"A far better focal point than church growth is church health. Big isn’t better. Small isn’t better. Healthy is better."