3 Signs of a Healthy Church Transition

Pete Scazzero: "The entire Christian life is about trusting Jesus. This is the primary work God has called all of us to do."

Reassessing Your Ministry Sweet Spot

Todd Wilson: “Can you honestly say, ‘Yes, I know what my sweet spot is, and I’m currently working in it’?”

3 Secrets to Marriage and Ministry

"You don’t need lots of money, or even tons of time, to laugh and find the lighter side of marriage."

7 Things Pastors Should Never Say

"There is too much pain in the world today. Let’s not add to it with our words."

7 Essentials for Raising Pastor’s Kids

"The relationship you develop with your kids will build your platform to speak into their lives."
5 Ways the Church Hurts and Helps Victims of Sexual Violence

5 Ways the Church Hurts and Helps Victims of Sexual Violence

"Let’s dare to risk discomfort for the sake of ministering to victims of sexual violence."

Every Pastor Has 3 ‘Realms’ of Ministry

Rick Warren: "The kingdom benefits and churches grow when we’re sharpening each other."

8 Time Drainers for Pastors and Staff

Thom Rainer: "What if I told you I could help you get 10 or more hours of your week back?"

The Dark Side of Leadership Success

"There’s a dark side of leadership success, and many don’t like talking about it."

The Scripture That Is Most Overlooked by Pastors

"Many a servant of the Lord has been treated less kindly by Christians than any business in town would treat an employee."