Teams That Thrive and the Obstacles That Hinder Them

“Sure, efficiency is often useful, but great teams aren’t necessarily efficient. Rather, they are effective.”

What Really Makes a Good Idea Work?

"Go ahead and learn from the successes of others, but never assume that stealing an idea will give you the same results."

5 Values That Kept Me Focused

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Reflections of a Retired Megachurch Pastor

4 Ways to Beat Your Ministry Funk

It’s inevitable--we all go through ministry funks. Steven Furtick offers four tips on getting out of them.

Secrets of Self-Care

Eugene Cho: "We must learn to take care of and invest in ourselves."

Defying Gravity: Ministry Without Burnout

To lead thriving ministries, we must lead from a place of strength, our own soul care. But how?

3 Mindset Shifts for Change Agents

Bobby Gruenewald: “The church has the talent and resources to once again become influencers of culture and agents of change.”

5 Tensions Every Small and Midsize Church Encounters

Carey Nieuwhof: "Overcome these tensions and you’re closer to progress. Avoid them and you can stay stuck a long time."

The Problem With Pastors as Rock Stars

Ed Stetzer: The “rock star” problem is a sin issue, not a church-size issue.

The Danger of Complexity in Outreach

Steven Furtick: "If you’re going to err, err on the side of simply giving people Jesus."