5 Characteristics of Resilient Leaders

Inevitably all leaders face disappointment, setbacks and difficulty in their roles. As a pastor, I’ve faced my share at times: significant budget deficits, losing crucial staff members, people leaving the church in a huff, programs that didn’t meet expectations and painful conflict.

This side of heaven we can’t avoid the pain that leadership sometimes brings. Some leaders bounce back quickly from such adversity. Some don’t. So what does a “bounce back” leader look like?

As you read the following list, ask yourself how many of these qualities would characterize your leadership when you face adversity. The term often used for this “bounce back” quality is resilience.

Resilient leaders …

1. Don’t lead from perpetual caution. They take reasonable risks, but don’t “bet the farm” on risky leadership options.

2. Admit they hurt when they face setbacks. They are honest about how much it hurts. However, they don’t wallow in their pain. The more we ruminate over our disappointments, the more we actually strengthen the fight-flight-freeze-appease parts of our brain which in turn dampens our ability to think clearly.

3. Seek to learn new insights from their setbacks. Often a setback can be a blessing in disguise, for without it we would not be open to new learning. Resilient leaders are perpetual learners.

4. Keep a long haul perspective through difficulty. Failure is never fatal nor final. Rather, it prompts resilient leaders to step back and refocus on their long term goals, objectives and core values.

5. Refuse to let their devotional life slip. In fact, such leaders recognize that in tough times they must draw closer to him for strength and wisdom.

When you’ve observed great leaders face disappointment and setbacks, what qualities have you seen in them?

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