Jo Saxton: Leading Beyond Brokenness—Part 2

"Salt Doesn't Have Any Impact Until It's Interacting With Something. What Flavor Can the Church Bring Out?"

Does Jeremiah 29:11 Apply to You?

"My answer: Kind of. Let me take that back: Yes, it does apply to you, but not in the way many 'claim' the passage."

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Brady Boyd: "Heaven and its advancing kingdom are not under threat of siege or hostile takeover."

Reaching the Other Half of the Church

Jenni Catron: "Conversations are stirring in the church world about our inability to engage the 21st century female."

The Epic Adventure of Gospel Multiplication

“We are instruments in the hand of God to see all things reconciled to God through Christ.”

Avoiding the Perfectionism Trap

Pete Scazzero: "Part of what makes us human is our imperfections and mistakes. Only God is perfect."

An Exponential Dream

Jesus’ dream should be our own.

8 Things I’ve Learned While Sheltering in Place

What I've learned about ministry during this unique season.