Are Christians More Generous Than the General Population?

National survey measures the impact of faith on generosity and money management.

Course Corrections for Life and Ministry

Wisdom and insight gained from 40 years of prayer and listening to God

The Improbable Math of the Gospel

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5 Practices of Fruitful Congregations

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The Benefits of Sharing Your Story

Jesus sent the demoniac back to his community to share his story, and there's a lesson here for us.

You Are Not Who You Were Before

Our Enemy tries to keep us trapped in our old identity, but Christ has given us a new one.

Incarnation: The Biology of Christmas

The virgin birth contradicts the laws of science. But our faith rests on the miracle of the incarnation.

Maximize Your Best Resource

Bobby Gruenewald: "Ninety percent of the people who visit a church for the first time go because a friend invited them."

Embracing Interruptions in a Distraction-Filled World

An essential part of obedience is allowing ourselves to be interruptible: sensitive to the opportunities the Spirit gives us.

Why We Need a Theology of Technology

Technology is an amoral resource, like money; so how do we steward our technological engagement well?