Weeping with Christ—Gethsemane

The events in the life of Jesus bring meaning to the events of our own. Theologians call this Identification with Christ. I call it discoveringYour Easter I.D.

3 Elements of Disciplemaking

Jesus has made it possible for us to reflect God's original desire for his creation.

Renewing Our Spiritual Focus in the New Year

As we enter a new year, we enter it operating within God's sovereign plan.

Reaching the Other Half of the Church

Jenni Catron: "Conversations are stirring in the church world about our inability to engage the 21st century female."

7 Lessons I Never Stop Learning

I've never outgrown the need to keep these lessons in mind all the time.

5 Reasons to Plan a Getaway With Your Spouse

You'll be glad you made this investment in the health of your marriage.

3 Lies We Believe About Spiritual Growth

"Just like you can open a mutual fund but never invest in it, you can become a Christian yet never become a disciple."

Erwin McManus: The Peaceable Warrior—Part 1

Greatness always lies on the other side of our pain.

George Floyd and Grieving With Those Who Grieve

The death of George Floyd reminds us that justification and justice go hand in hand.

Be Slow to Speak Against Others

It's easy, especially in our social media age, to cast judgement on other Christians from the "cheap seats," but we must ask God to search our hearts first.