Prayer Is Joining a Conversation Already in Progress

Michael Kelley: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are already in constant dialogue about you and me.

What Do People Need From Preachers?

The people who come to our churches are spiritually starving, and our primary task is helping them get to know God.

Is There Really Just One Way to God?

Sean McDowell: “We can’t change how everyone thinks. But we can change us. And that’s our opportunity.”

15 Lies Satan Tells You About Scripture

"Are you playing into his hands? Are you believing his lies? You do so to your own detriment, friend."

From Biblical Illiteracy to Bible Engagement

There are two kinds of biblical illiteracy. One is not knowing the Bible’s facts. The other is not knowing its story.

Efrem Smith: The Multi-Ethnicity of Jesus

“In Christ Jesus, we are no longer red, yellow, brown, black, and white. … We are freed from false identities, but we retain the gift of our true identities of ethnicity and nationality.”

Once More, With Feeling: Leadership and Emotion

“What if maturity did not mean subduing the ‘feeling’ part of us, but bringing it into balance with the rest of our person?”

The Bible Project: Using Animation to Explain the Bible

Making the Bible jump off the page

What Good Comes from Pain?

Pain comes into everyone's lives, but we as Christians have a hope that is greater.

Why We Must Teach Apologetics Unapologetically

Dan Kimball: "I don’t think there ever has been a more urgent need to teach apologetics."