Church Planting, Part 2: Choosing the Right Site

Church planters discuss how they chose the locations for their launch services and what unique factors about their communities affect their approach to ministry.

Church Planting, Part 4: Planning the Launch

8 veterans of the process recommend: Define success; count the cost; look beyond launch day—and remember to smile.

Bivocational Pastor: The Strategic Future

Leaders discuss the rewards and challenges of being bivocational and the role that status will play in future church growth.

Igniting a Culture of Multiplication

"Are you willing to plant your first church before building or buying your first building?"

Church Plant: Survive, Succeed, Thrive

Predictors and practices for church plant success

Have Churches Forgotten How to Reproduce?

Ed Stetzer: Everyone is talking reproduction, but not enough churches are having babies.

Dan Kimball: Reflections on Church Plant Year 10

"Church planting made me think through my own sense of identity. Did I base my worth as a leader on the size of my ministry?

The Role of Preaching in Church Planting

Brandon Cox: "Don’t neglect the power of preaching, even in a brand new church plant."

Field of Dreams: What It Means to Plant the Church

Risks, regrets and revelations: Veteran church planters talk about starting a new church from scratch.

The Epic Adventure of Gospel Multiplication

“We are instruments in the hand of God to see all things reconciled to God through Christ.”