The Sarah Connor Guide to Leading the Church

"'Leadership' is the new wine that the church has become drunk with, substituting it for the pure power of the Holy Spirit."

Family On Mission—How Our Kids Lead Us

Hugh Halter: "Unexpectedly, we were shocked out of our comfortable slumber and called back to the front line of mission."

4 Questions to Ask Before Planting a Church

How do you know if your church planting goals are godly or suspect? Try answering these four questions.

5 Critical Lessons in Church Multiplication

Bent on seeing churches multiply, Reach Northeast President Jeff Leake shares five insights for planters and parent churches.

Are You Planting a Multiplying Church?

Exponential co-founders Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson offer nine best practices to adapt and model.

4 Essentials for Church Planters

"The New Testament church was a participatory sport, and this generation doesn't want to be spectators."

Church Planting Is on the Rise

National study from LifeWay and provides a comprehensive report on church planting in the U.S.

Pray Before You Plant!

"When the church is considered a house of prayer, the blind find sight in it, and those limping through life are restored."

3 Challenges for Every Church Planter

No matter your skill level or former experience, be prepared to face these challenges head-on.

Church Planting Is a Declaration of War on the Enemy

Alan Briggs: "It’s Jesus’ church. It doesn’t depend on you, so be faithful, and be you."