Developing Leadership: The Math of the Kingdom

"No matter how talented a potential leader is, if he is not marked by Christlikeness, he is setting a dangerous trajectory."

Making Disciples: The Math of the Kingdom

"We need to see discipleship as holistic, as this will affect their ability to be healthy disciples who make healthy disciples."

Adopting a Planter’s Heart: The Math of the Kingdom

"It can be a huge encouragement for a planter to know that they have other church leaders in their corner."

How to Start a Church Without a Dime

“What would change if we lived out the truth that God does the building and growing as we live in simple kingdom ways?”

5 Ways to Get People Talking About Your Church

“When local churches work together, get along and actually like each other, people start talking.”

3 Reasons Small Churches Should Give to Missions

"In the same way God blesses people who give faithfully, God blesses churches that do the same."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 4: Supporting Planters

"We currently don’t have the kind of financial-support model that our new cultural reality needs."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 3: Preparing Our People for Witness

"If we are to succeed in this new, more secular space, we need to do more than simply acknowledge this shift."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 2: From Nominal to Secular

"Our approach needs to change for there to be significant traction in planting movements within a largely secular society."

Church Planting Shifts, Part 1: The Launch

"Church planters tend to think that their individual and local church planting model is the norm globally. But that’s not the case."