Are You on Track if You Lead a Church of Fewer Than 100 People?

"We need to acknowledge the reality that church planting is a long, hard slog. And it is a lot harder than it used to be."

Knowing Your Community: The Math of the Kingdom

"You must never forget that all efforts, methods and strategies serve the greater goal of gospel proclamation."

Church Planting: Be Flexible or Die

"Let’s trust our God and put all our confidence in him, not our perfectly constructed plans."

3 Signs You Are a Pirate, Not a Church Planter

"The people who leave their church to help you plant your church should be called by God, not recruited by you."

Why House Churches Are Integral to the Kingdom

"As healthy expressions grow, and their stories are told, we can see more examples of house, simple and organic churches."

10 Key Values of a Multiplying Church

“If there is to be a movement of God in the West, God will do it with the multiplication of everyday Christ-followers.”

Being Known by Your Community: The Math of the Kingdom

"As leaders, we must not only cast vision for an 'invite culture' at our church, but we must also equip our church to do it."

Pursuing Diversity: The Math of the Kingdom

"You can't have a diverse church until you live a diverse life. Diversity in our churches is preceded by diversity in our living rooms."

Developing Leadership: The Math of the Kingdom

"No matter how talented a potential leader is, if he is not marked by Christlikeness, he is setting a dangerous trajectory."

Making Disciples: The Math of the Kingdom

"We need to see discipleship as holistic, as this will affect their ability to be healthy disciples who make healthy disciples."