11 Questions for (Not Just) Rural Church Leaders

Knowing your community’s story is the first step to reaching its residents.

Every place has a history. What is the story of your church’s community? Use these 11 questions to help you understand the culture of your community and how your church can be good news to the people in it.

1. How did the community come to be? What was the founding dream?

2. What is the town’s focal symbol? A courthouse square, a main street, a grain elevator?

3. What is/are the community’s chief economic function(s)? Farming, trade, industrial, government service, recreation/retirement, college, transportation, bedroom community?

4. Who are the town’s honored, the despised, the loveable characters, and the marginal people?

5. What cultural/racial/ethnic groups are present in the community?

7. What are the barriers that separate people groups? Race, religion, education, social status? Are they visible or invisible?

8. What are the sins or hurts of the community? The loss of an industry, a murder, a disastrous flood?

9  How do residents perceive their town? How do others perceive it?

10. What seems to be the future of the comunity? Who is responsible for implementing its dreams and vision?

11. In summary, what is the “story” of the community? To minister effectively in this place, you need to know and appreciate its story. Only then can you and your church become a part of it.


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