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How to Teach Your Kids About Other Cultures

Here are five easy ways to teach your kids about other nations and cultures.

Why Every Life Matters

The foundation for championing the sanctity of life

How Jesus Thought and Taught About Politics

Adapted from 'Political Thought: A Student's Guide' (Crossway)

Rules of Incivility

3 Disagreement Traps to Avoid

Rediscovering the Joy of Christmas

Contemplate the wonder of the incarnation.

Christian Civility and Politics

Many evangelicals by belief say they give others the benefit of the doubt but are frequently assumed to be attacking those with whom they disagree.

3 Lessons I Learned Recovering From Surgery

By humbly receiving from others, we are helping them to grow and reflecting the gospel.

The Danger of Putting Security Before the Kingdom

We can often make the pursuit of security into an idol that makes us easy mislead. Here's where we should look instead.