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3 Truths Straight From Scripture

No matter what yesterday held, God has new mercies for you this morning.

When Your Soul Is Downcast

To find hope, we have look to something better and more stable than our present circumstances - we have to look to God and his character.

5 Scriptures to Give You Hope This Year

The cure for 2024? The good news: Jesus Christ.

Be An Encourager

Your word of encouragement today could literally mean life to someone who has been given only words that bring death, negativity, and depression.

Strengthen Your Heart as a Leader

Before God ever made you, He knew you – and He knew you’d be teaching His Word and leading His people today. Do your work well today for His glory.

Simple Ways for Leaders to Encourage Others

Here are seven practical, everyday ways to be an encouragement.

You Need to Hear (and Share) These Life-Giving Truths

I once had a pastor say, “Ron, you’re a giant killer!” He encouraged me to kill giants for the Kingdom of God. It changed the trajectory of my life. I possibly wouldn’t be serving the church as I am today without those words. They came at just the right time in my life.

3 Bible Passages for the Discouraged

Friends, these are not “magic bullets.” But they are statements of truth.