Tag: COVID-19 Perspectives

The Virus and the Church

How church leaders responded during the early stages of the pandemic.

When Certainties Are Shattered

I guess we’ll all look back on the coronavirus outbreak of March 2020 as a moment of transition. For the last two months, I...

The Church Will Be the Same

COVID-19 PERSPECTIVE: Jake Mills I know that there's a lot of talk going around about how things will never be the same due to COVID-19....

Reflections on Earnest Love

COVID-19 PERSPECTIVE: Chip Bennett Grace Community Church, Sarasota, Florida Did you ever watch the YouTube videos where an animal is trapped in the mud, or rising...

You Can’t Quarantine the Gospel

The pandemic provides an unprecedented opportunity for the spread of the gospel.

Prayer Walking for Homebound College Students

The EveryCampus Coalition is reaching out on behalf of displaced college students.

Online Church? Relationship Wins

Why even when we can watch other church's livestreams, we still choose our own

New Life From Livestream

A surprising development during the pandemic