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Christmas Strife — Not All That Merry and Bright

There are people in our nation today who don’t want us to merely tolerate their views; they want us to accept them—and, even more so, endorse them. This can’t happen, because as Christians, we stand on the Scriptures.

Why We Must Embrace Healthy Conflict

The pain of small conflict now will protect you from catastrophic conflict down the road.

What I’ve Learned About Church Conflict

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Tips for Leaders to Manage Conflict

Hint: It Can Be Healthy If Handled Correctly

3 Ways to Improve Conflict Management in Ministry Work

Conflict is inevitable in every work environment, but we can learn to manage it well.

How to Defuse a Tense Conversation

7 guidelines for deescalating a tension-filled conversation

8 Things to Remember When Dealing With Conflict

As I write this article, I’m in a time of reflection. I’ve been thinking about how I deal with difficult situations as a 59-year-old...

Why Humility Is Essential in the Midst of Conflict

Conflict. Most of us do not like the word, and even fewer of us like experiencing it. Given a choice, many people would rather...