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Annual Church Budget: A Road Map for the Coming Year

Pray through every line item. We should not expect God to work through the budget unless it gets special attention through prayer.

More Than Clicking ‘Like’

I pray that I will not evaluate the music style in my church with a like button. Instead, I pray that I will be grateful to those who give of themselves every week to provide us with worshipful music.

How to Navigate Mistrust in Your Church

Many task-oriented pastors will revert to micromanagement when they do not trust the people around them.

Where Is Your Sense of Urgency?

Billions of people have little or no access to the gospel, and it is our responsibility to get the Word to them and then equip them.

Where Are the Younger Pastors?

If you are happy with your current pastors, hold on to them. You will have a challenge finding the successor to your pastor, especially if you want them to be 35 to 45 years old and with at least ten years of lead pastor experience.

The Secret to Authentic Worship

The lead pastor is also the lead worshiper. You must teach by example. Put your notes down and lift your voice.

Follow These Steps When You’re Retiring

Retirement means many different paths to people. Pastors and other church staff especially have issues unique to them.

Multigenerational Mentoring

Contrary to popular belief, mentorship is not solely about imparting knowledge but about sharing wisdom gleaned from lived experiences.